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Zone Madness

July 20, 2015

Hey everyone!

This week has been a super awesome, crazy, fun, stressful, spiritual week! So much has happened!

To start off, I was in Peach Springs, the Indian reservation on exchanges and had a really fun time! It was fun to drive the truck and go on some off road trails! I even got to see the Grand Canyon! So
that was super cool! But sadly nothing crazy happened while I was there!

Then the craziness of this week happened when we had to get half our zone up to Vegas for a few days. We had a mission leadership council in Vegas where the director of proselyting for the whole church came down from Salt Lake. His name is Mike Hemingway and it was great to get to hear from him. All the district leaders and some other missionaries were there as well, which is what created a massive logistical headache! Most of our zone is training and so we have a lot of greenies. We left behind a bunch of greenies and their comps had to go to Vegas for the meeting. But to make it even more complicated, we were getting a new truck for the zone. Even further there was a new missionary temple day the next day, so all the senior comps and district leaders had to stay in Vegas and then meet up with their trainees at the temple the next morning. Luckily, it all worked out well!

At the actual meeting brother Hemingway just focused on different techniques and it was spiritual but it wasn't really focused on a spiritual level; more just how to do missionary work. So one cool thing he talked about was teaching like an angel, and he related it to 1 Nephi 11 where Nephi has the same vision as his father but how his vision is guided by an angel and how the angel teaches Nephi. And so he talked about showing pictures and asking them what they see in the pic and then teaching based off their responses and it was super cool!

So two cool spiritual experiences we had this week were pretty awesome. The first happened while I was on exchanges this weekend with Elder Powell, a new missionary from Rigby, Idaho. So I was in my area and I knew the area ok, but that night we were out with a sister in our ward and she was following us around while we were seeing people. We ended up having a lot of people cancel and so I was just driving around trying to think of anyone we could see. My GPS was dead so I couldn’t look up anywhere to go. And I didn't want to track as it had rained all day and we were with a sister from the ward and so I was starting to feel overwhelmed and didn't know what to do and so I basically said a quick prayer that went like this "God, WHERE DO I GO???"  After that, I looked down at my planner and one of the last names had a street name "Leroy" and I looked up and the street right in front of me was named Leroy! We took it and found this lady named Pepper and had a super amazing lesson on the restoration. It was super powerful, and the member we had with us was the perfect fellow-shipper for her. The spirit was so strong. I knew God had led us there to see her and that other appointments had fallen through just so we could see her.

The other cool experience we had was that three investigators finally came to Church on Sunday and they absolutely loved it. There was one girls who is 17 years old. She said she was going to come back every week from now on and then the 12 year old was bouncing up and down she was so happy! And the mom of the 17 year old really liked it. She cried during Sunday school as it was a lesson on the after-life and she had just lost her husband a year ago and so it was a beautiful Sunday! The only sad part is that the mom and her 17 year old may be getting kicked out of their house and moving to Missouri. Hopefully not, but we will see.

The lord really blessed us this week! We have a zone conference tomorrow and then I will be on exchanges for a couple days and then we have a zone training meeting on Saturday. We are in charge of that, so should be a busy week!

Love you all,

Elderito Clark
Elder Clark with a priest from the ward
Elder Buzan, Aida, Elder Clark, Mitchelle
Elder Clark and the Cruz Family
Tacos de leguna


House in Kingman
Birthday Celebration

Packing can be hard to do!

Logan enjoying a cowboy hat.

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