Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Done and Gone

August 17, 2015

Well my first six weeks in Kingman hve come and gone that fast. I remember at the beginning of my mission how long transfers seemed to be, but now they just fly by!

My comp is leaving for North Las Vegas and my new comp is an awesome guy. He is from Sacramento so now that I am moving there it will be cool to meet up with him after my mission.

This week has been good! Not a lot to report on. But the Lord has given me some challenges this week. We had that elect lady that had already read the Book of Mormon nine times and then one day she called us and said she didn't want to talk to us anymore. As I have been studying this week I read this really amazing talk given at the MTC about faith that my trainer sent me. I realized how much more faith that I needed to have in my missionary work. That I cannot just rely on my own skills but I have to rely on my Father above. Right after I had made a focus of this, we had some of our investigators that I knew for sure we're going to get baptized, fall through -one moved and another wasn't very interested. And for a while I was hit pretty hard by this. I had told myself I had faith that all my investigators would be baptized and then it should happen.

But a familiar scripture came to mind that I have quoted a thousand times Ether 12:6:

That not until after the trial of my faith will I receive my witness that God will respond to my faith.

And so as I had this trial I realized it was just not their time. That maybe my faith was selfish based and not based on what the Lord wanted. And sure the Lord wants everyone to be baptized, but God knows when it is really there time to make that covenant. Just as the Lamanites were led away by the traditions of their fathers, some people are left to wander for a time. But Christ is the good Shepard and He numbers his sheep and He will call them back when they are ready.

Every day I am growing in my faith and the things that my Father in Heaven requires of me.

Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Clark

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