Friday, October 30, 2015

Busy! Busy! Busy!


It's been another fast week and transfer. This Saturday they will call and tell us where everyone is going, I am most likely staying-I want to stay really bad! I will be pretty bummed if I have to leave. It's been a great time here and I would enjoy another six weeks here. It's a wonderful place! We have some amazing members and there is lots of work to do!

Some fun news is that we are going to be in a parade this Saturday with all the missionaries and hopefully some more members! It should be really fun. We are going to be advertising a fireside we are going to be having the 18th of October. So hopefully we get a big turnout for that.

I am definitely learning the purpose of writing things down and prioritizing things. We have so much to accomplish; we have to be very organized to get it all down and going smoothly. This Saturday we will have the parade in the morning, two separate baptismal services, and transfer calls, on top of our normal proselyting activities! So that should be fun.

One of our investigators is so happy; she was jumping up and down in church. She was just bubbling with excitement. It really makes you realize how excited we should be about the restored gospel. We shouldn't want to hold back any amount or ounce of energy because of our excitement of this gospel. She really has brightened a lot of our members’ lives! We hope to talk to our mission president and get her called as an online proselyting missionary. She already does it, so we might as well give her the calling!

Recently, I have been talking to some missionaries about preparation, and how important it is. I never really have gone into General Conference with some questions I want answered before, and so I am going to prayerfully select some things I need answers to. I have sort of in the past done this, but I really want to put forth more effort. And so I challenge you all to prepare for conference, as well.  

I hope you all have a great week. There continues to be miracles in the work! We went reacting for twenty minutes and found four new investigators, the Lord is truly watching over us!

Elder Clark

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