Friday, October 30, 2015

#havablast Lake Havasu


So that's the key phrase here! Havablast! Hava can go with everything, ha ha! I am loving my time here in Lake Havasu! We have seen so many miracles from being here. It is a great place to be. The days are so busy, time just flies by - It's really nice, but also really scary how fast the time flies!

We had a meeting for all the mission leadership on Wednesday and that was really, really good! I learned so much and have been able to apply a lot! We talked about empowering other people, and it just dawned on me how much our Father empowers us. He puts us here on this earth, and lets us go at it, but he always provides a way if we listen and are humble. He is the perfect leader! We didn't get back to our area until 7:00 p.m.-it was a long day of lots of driving (5 hours, roughly)!

On Thursday, we had a zone conference in Kingman and that was really good! I was able to meet some of the missionaries in our zone that I hadn't been able to meet yet because of the distance. We had representatives from each stake attend, and they talked to us about the vision they have for their stake. That was really cool!

Then I went on exchanges in Las Vegas until Friday night, and so I was out of my area for half the week-which was weird, but we had a great time. We have met some really awesome families here in Lake Havasu! One is even a young family where the husband used to be a fly fishing guide. We are going to the park next P-day and working on my casting. It should be fun! They are also so missionary minded, along with all the members who we have met! One guy invited us over to his work and said he had a ton of his own investigators who he wanted to talk to us about! And another family asked how they could be more missionary minded! In our ward councils, we challenged everyone to do the 21 day challenge. Hopefully, the work will progress rapidly as the members are beginning to do more missionary work. We are planning a big FHE in November and even a member MTC night in October.

This Saturday we get the chance to go to another baptism in Kingman and then on the 31st we get to go the families sealing and also see our other recent converts perform Baptisms for the Dead. Hopefully, we will be able to go through a session. I have never seen a sealing before, so I am very excited -especially to have it be a convert! That will be a full and wonderful day at the temple.

Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Clark

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