Tuesday, October 6, 2015


August 10, 2015

Hi everyone!
This week was super great! We have had way too many blessings! I can't even believe it. This last week we had a meeting in Vegas and then I was on exchanges in a town about an hour away. And so it was a very hectic week but we had so many miracles. 

We had a baptism this last week and it was so awesome! It was for a youth who has been waiting two years to be baptized. His dad wouldn't let him until he turned the age of 18 and so he had it the day after his birthday. It was a very spiritual and touching baptism. The primary room was so, so packed! It was awesome.

Right after the baptism, a lady called us and said she wanted to be baptized and that she had a friend who lived in Wisconsin. She was an older lady and it was cool her friend was from Wisconsin. The next day we stopped by her house and started teaching her and she has read The Book of Mormon nine times!!

It was so crazy, and now she is getting baptized in September. So that was a crazy big miracle. All Sunday was a crazy miracle. We found five new investigators and had ten lessons and set three people with dates for baptism. It was an awesome day!

The Lord is really blessing us and I am not really sure why we have so many blessings! There are just people in Kingman Arizona that need the gospel. I really am loving it here in Kingman. We have some really awesome members as well. The only downer is that it's not Spanish, but today at lunch with a member I met a couple traveling that were from Spain and so that was really awesome.

I love this work and I have so much fun! I will try and remember some more funny stories to
share next week. It's crazy-this is already the last week of the transfer. Man, does time fly.
Que tengan una buena semana.

Elderito Clarkito

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