Monday, July 6, 2015

Back to the Sticks! Route 66-Here I come!

Happy Fourth of July! Hope you all had a safe holiday weekend.

This week was really good! I guess the biggest news is that I am getting transferred again! I am always on the move, I guess! I am being transferred to Kingman, Arizona - leaving Las Vegas again!! I am excited though. Vegas is cool, but I am perfectly happy being out of the city. I will even get to go on exchanges and go to Quartzsite again every once in a while, and so I am really excited for that! I am just learning so much on my mission, and I know this new assignment will teach me more things that I need to learn and I will (hopefully) continue to become a better missionary and do what the Lord wants me to do.

This last week we had the great opportunity to go to the temple. I just love the temple so much. During this last transfer I have been overwhelmed and stressed out but when I was in the temple this last week I was so calm. All my worries were forgotten, and I knew God loved me. We are so lucky to be in this dispensation, the last and the greatest! We have technology to progress the work; we have so many temples around, and so much revelation that is being poured out. As we get closer to the end we have to stay strong, and do the daily things to keep ourselves unspotted from the world. It is so awesome to have the temple as a place to fortify ourselves. After our session, our recent converts met up with us and we walked around the temple and showed them the main lobby. They loved it! Then we went to a park and had lunch; so it was a super fun day!

This week has been really awesome to see the support from our members! The referrals from them just kept coming in and it was awesome to see our ward get excited to do missionary work. What a change that was from when we first came in, and so that was very fun to see. On the Fourth of July I had a lot of carne asada - everywhere we went there was carne asada!! Haha Good thing I love it!

I will miss this ward, for sure!

So I am heading to a mostly English area and so today I guess I will just close with my testimony in Spanish:

Yo queiro dar mi testimonio con ustedes este dia porque se que este evangelio que tenemos es un don grande!! Mas grande que pueden comprender. Se que este servicio, la obra misional, es la obra del senor, es su obra, y yo solo soy un instrumento en sus manos a traer los demas a su redil. Yo me he aprendido un monton de cosas! Y yo no puedo explicar los sentimientos que tengo por  este evangelio. Se que Jose Smith era un profeta de Dios y porque de el cada uno de nosotros podemos tener el Libro de Mormon en esos tiempos. Me encanta el Libro de Mormon y todo de las historias que nos podemos relacionar a nuestras vidas. Se que Cristo es mi redentor y mediante el y mi fe en el yo puedo vovler a mis mansiones en los cielos a morar con mi Padre Celestial.

Les comparto en el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen!

Te Amo!