Friday, October 30, 2015

Three Years of Pent-up Excitment


Hey everyone!!

This was an awesome week! There is so much we have going on! There is never a moment for a breath and I love it. It just makes you happy and the time flies. I can't believe I have already been in Kingman for two months. It feels like I just got here yesterday. I really hope to have two more months here, at least. It is one of my favorite areas on my mission.

This week I have so many miracles to share!

We have had this really awesome couple we have been teaching, but she recently has had surgery and they have canceled on all our appointments during the last few weeks. We have been really trying to get back with them, and so one day during our weekly planning session we were praying that we could make contact with them. Right after we finished praying, and I mean immediately after, we got a text from them and they set up an appointment with us! It was so cool to see Heavenly Father answer our prayer that fast!

Also, we had one of our awesome investigators baptism this last Saturday! It was so amazing! We found her a couple months ago by knocking on her door. We had decided real quickly before lunch to knock one more door and it was amazing that it was Cheryl! She is related to Joseph Smith III and lived in Utah for 20 years. She had never stepped into a chapel of ours before and now she’s a member of our church. Our first few meetings she told us that she didn’t want to be baptized and that she would never go to church! What a change! Heavenly Father really did work a miracle. She had to change her life, and give up some things. It was just amazing! She knew so much already about the church that as we were teaching here we just started calling her the "grand-master" haha! It was just our joke the whole time-it was great! She called us, her sons! I had the privilege to baptize her, and as that was occurring, I realized that we are all imperfect. But at our baptism were are doing something perfect and for a little while at least, we are perfect. We are baptized exactly as our Savior was. That is pretty neat!

Another miracle that we had was we have been working with an investigator who is 19. Her parents haven’t let her come to church and her dad is very anti. Well, just this last week they finally let her come! She has one of the strongest testimonies ever! She bore her testimony in front of the whole congregation. She is very intelligent, but just very innocent. Her testimony was awesome! She blew away all of our members. She was so excited to be at church-she was just so bubbly! In her testimony, she said “I know Joseph Smith is a prophet of God just as much as I know that the sky is blue and the grass is green.” She also bore powerful witness of the Book of Mormon. She loves the English language, so she uses big words too. It was one of the best Sundays, ever! I realized we all need to be a little more like her, and really appreciate the opportunity he have to go to church every Sunday!

Don’t worry, there are more miracles still! Another lady who we have been teaching is from the Indian reservation and she has moved to Kingman. I was on exchanges with an elder that taught her back when she was on the reservation and in the lesson which we taught her together, she accepted a baptism invitation for October 10th! It was amazing! Then last night, my comp and I were on splits with some members and he contacted a referral. They had already attended church twice and want to be baptized, and so they are going to get baptized too! And then…it just keeps on going -- We had a lesson with a very intelligent man. He was understanding things logically, but not feeling it by the Holy Ghost quite yet. We then testified to him about Jesus Christ and the love He had for us. The man teared up and said he had goose bumps. Then he said, "That inspired me to sing you guys a song." He went and grabbed his guitar and started singing to us! haha! 

The Lord is just blessing us, and I know it is because of faith and gratitude. As we are grateful, no matter what circumstance we are in, and we look up, then our faith will grow and miracles will happen. We had a meeting as missionaries this past week and I quoted grandma great, "it’s a great day for up" and we had an entire training based on faith and prayer with the theme, to GET OUT OF THE BOAT, referencing when Peter got out of the boat to walk on water and what kind of faith he must have had!

I know this gospel is true, and the Lord just keeps confirming it to me. He will bless you! I know He will! Just believe.

Elder Clark

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