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July 27, 2015

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a great week and are enjoying the summer! It was a great week again! I can't believe just how fast   the time goes.

So the highlight of the week for me was last pday. We went up to the Hualapai Mountains (pronounced wallapai) with some other elders in Kingman and went hiking and had a great time up there! It was so beautiful! Just like the          mountains back home in Colorado! It was great to be in them again. And on the way out of the park there were two    young cow elk just hanging around the park ranger station. The ranger came out and she gave us apples and let us    feed the elk! It was awesome! It was like the coolest thing ever! So I sent lots of pics don't worry!

Then we had a zone conference in Lake Havasu and that was a really good meeting! After that we went on                exchanges and I went to a place called Dolan Springs! This little Podunk area! Haha  I got to drive a truck and go off-roading. I had a great time! We also got to see these big rocks that had these weird painted murals on them haha!     And we had cows right by our trailer for personal study!

The Lord is really blessing us in our area as well. One really cool experience we had was after a zone training            meeting that we had to do. We had set up this appointment at a member’s home with some people we had met on      the street and so we were expecting to meet a guy named John. When we walked into the house, we met Shane      and Esther and their mom was there. They are in 20s and married. The mom is in her 50s. And so I was super          confused. It ended up that the mom is a less active member and wanted her daughter and son in law to start meeting with us. The lesson was super spiritual and our member bore a powerful testimony as we taught the restoration of      the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was one of the more powerful lessons in my mission! Shane said that it was a relieving feeling, something that he had rejected his whole life because he didn't really understand it and now it was what he    wanted in his life. He was overwhelmed by the spirit in our lesson! It was so awesome!

We also have this great family that moved in. The live way out in the sticks outside of Kingman and the dad and the    son work on a farm. They are super awesome and missionary minded. They have a Spanish family they are really     close with that followed them down from Idaho and so hopefully we can start to teach them. I would love to practice    some Spanish too!

We also had another investigator that finally came to church which was so cool! He is getting baptized end of August and he is super cool! We laugh a bunch with him! And so it was an answer to our prayers having him at church.

This upcoming week will be really good! Our zone is doing great and I am going back to Quartzsite tomorrow and I     am so, so excited! And then we have exchanges with the APs. 
Love you all

Elder Clark

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