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Operation Rescue Peach Springs

July 13, 2015

Kingman is awesome!!!
I love it here! The weather is 10-15 degrees cooler then Vegas and it’s very pretty out here. I am having a blast! I am on my fourth area and on my sixth companion (including the MTC). I am now with Elder Hales. He is from Idaho and proud of it!! He loves anyone from Idaho! But it’s okay; I can forgive him! 

This week has been a very busy and packed week! I have had a lot of new responsibilities in learning my new area and my new assignment. It has been a lot of fun! We cover two wards and have some really awesome members! I have a feeling I am going to be here for a while and I am excited about that. I am finding some people that I already care a lot about.  

Well, I don’t even know where to start with my week! My comp and I get along really well. I haven’t had this much fun in a companionship my whole mission; it’s really fun! We joke around a lot and even practice martial arts we learned from one of our recent converts who is a master in the martial arts in the Philippines. So, we fight sometimes, but just messing around. I am sure you are glad I didn’t have any brothers, mom! But don’t worry, we haven’t broken anything yet. 

We live in a house and it is pretty ghetto on the outside, but super nice on the inside. I like it a lot! It’s pretty big and it works well for us two! One cool miracle we had this week was like five minutes before we were going to get lunch. I said we should just go try one more house and so we drove around for a bit and then we got into a little more of back country and found a house. We knocked on the door and the lady that came to the door was nice and a little older and she started talking to us. She told us that she was related to Joseph Smith III and that she had lived in Utah for 25 years and wasn’t a member! She is super fun and we really enjoy teaching her. She said she didn’t like church, but we were able to get her to start reading the Book of Mormon and she committed to go to church. Even though she didn’t go yesterday, we are making progress with her. It was a cool little miracle.

Well then one night, some sisters in our zone had gone to Vegas for a doctor’s appointment and to do a temple session. On the way home, they got super lost! They had it all mapped out, but they took a wrong turn and got lost for a very long time. They went about 100 or so miles in the wrong direction and so they were driving for almost 8 hours. They stopped in this town an hour from their apartment and called their district leader and said they couldn’t go any further and that they wanted to stay the night there with a member. We then called the mission president and he said no. When we tried to get back in contact with the sisters their phone had died and they had already left for their apartment. Luckily they made it home okay, but we almost had to pick them up at 10:00 p.m. and drive them for what would have been a 2 hour drive both ways for us.

But don’t worry; we still got our driving in. The next day, we got a call from our elders that live on the Indian reservation and they wanted us to come over as there had been a lot of crazy things going on over there. At 9:20 p.m., a lady had come to their door. She was their neighbor and said that she wanted them to watch her house as she was nervous that someone was going to break into it. Right after she left, they started hearing rhythmic tapping on their windows and seeing shadows outside. My companion and I said a prayer and decided to drive the hour to their house and pick them up and take them back to our place. We had no idea if we were going into a drunken Indian raid or a more spiritual matter. We grabbed all the weapons we could find at our house; like some knives and a hammer, and took off dressed in all black. Don’t worry mom-you don’t need to freak out; remember how I always told you that I was invincible.  We were laughing because just the day before we had been learning stuff from the guy that is a martial arts master, so we felt ready! We finally get there, although we kept in contact with the Peach Springs elders while we drove to make sure they were still alive. Suddenly we lost service and when we got it back they didn’t answer. And so we were freaking out, but we finally made contact with them and arrived at their house. As we pulled up outside their house, I saw this object out of the corner of my eyes in our headlights. I just briefly saw it, but it looked a lot like a tomahawk, and so we park the car and looked around us. We didn’t see anyone so we made a break for it into the house. When we ran inside, I had accidently left my door open and so when Elder Hales went to lock the door, it made a beeping noise that it makes when a door is open. We thought that the Indians had already got into our car! Luckily, the elders had a paintball gun and I went out to investigate and noticed that I had just left the door open. The tomahawk shaped object ended up being a busted up bike pump. We dedicated the house and talked for a bit and got packed up to take them out of there. The next day we had a district meeting two hours away we had to go to and so they tagged along with us. It was a long day! Only five hours of sleep and lots of driving! Tonight I am going to the Indian reservation for exchanges!! It’s gonna be awesome. 

I am really going to enjoy this area and as we have been preparing for this transfer it has been fun to try and see how we can help out the zone. This week we have a big meeting in Vegas and Michael Hemingway is going to talk to us. He is the head of proselyting for the mission and I believe he will be talking about the iPads. I may be getting my iPad this week although I’m not certain. I hope you all have a great week and I am sure I will have good stories for next week!
Love Elder Clark

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