Monday, May 11, 2015


May 4, 2015
Well sorry to say, it is finally starting to get hot here in Vegas. The days I have been dreading all my mission are here - the scorching hot months in Vegas. It is going to be awesome! I think this week it was only 100 so that’s not too bad! I loaded up on some Powerade so I am ready for when its 120! I mean so far it’s only been 150 degrees warmer then Wisconsin in the winter.

But this week was good. I am getting to know the area and the people well. I am also learning my role in my new assignment. So things are running very smooth. I am just so shocked at how many people the Lord has prepared for us. There is a quote in our apartment that talks about going above and beyond. How missionaries are meant to work hard, that we have been called to do so much, and the Lord will provide - the investigators will come in flocks! And truly the Lord is blessing us right now with that. So many people ready for the gospel! It is quite the shift from what I was used to in Quartzsite.

Being on a mission is very interesting. There is so much you learn. I have had many ups and many downs while on my mission. In football they used to say that a football was just like life with ups and downs and trials and adversity at every step. That is exactly how a mission is too! Satan tries to put people into our path to distract us and throw us off our game. He puts thoughts in your head, makes you want to be lazy or just sleep! Man, that’s the hardest one! We are always so tired. But the miracle of it all is that you can do it and it is totally worth it. 

Not every area is easy and not every day is fun, but that’s what makes life, life! Being a missionary is truly the best way to prepare for life. Our mission president has a vision for the entire mission - to be Preach My Gospel missionaries for life. He says this is like our Missionary Training Center for life! I really like that. 

This week has been really good! Lots of the miracles just like always! But gotta go! Love ya all!

Elder Clark 

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