Monday, April 27, 2015

Miracles and Ward Parties

Hey everyone!

Well it’s been a crazy busy week. The pace has definitely changed from Quartzsite to Las Vegas - that’s for sure! I am always so tired and exhausted, but I am pushing through!

Not a whole lot of stories this week. But, lots of miracles.

On Tuesday I gave a district meeting which went well. I also went on exchanges with the zone leaders and I was able to work with one of them who happens to be one of my best friends here on the mission. So that was really cool. We had an awesome day!

One of the biggest miracles we saw was we when went to contact a referral we had received. When we arrived at the house a teenager answered the door. We asked for the referral and the guy didn’t even live there, but we brought up the gospel anyway and asked if he had a few minutes to talk to us. He invited us inside and while we were talking to him I saw his mom through the kitchen window out in the backyard. She was staring at us and so I waved to her and she hid! But then the kid brought in his mom and we started talking to her and teaching them and it was so amazing what happened. She talked about how she had waited 17 years for us to come by and when we had stopped by on Saturday, a few days before and left a card, it was the first contact she has had. She said she could feel she was ready for the gospel and that she was knew it was true and it was so, so awesome! She said she felt full of peace and joy; it was awesome! Sadly she didn’t come to church but we are still working with her so she’ll get there.

Another family we are teaching is super awesome also. They are from Cuba. A sad thing though,  we were teaching a mom, her son and daughter but her son just told us that he wasn’t interested. So that was really a bummer. He is a super cool and nice guy. I think he is just a little nervous to try something new, but the mom and the daughter are so awesome. The mom is super nice and she always says to us, “mi amor” (haha) which means “my love” but it’s like we’re her kids, in a way. She’s just awesome. Hopefully they are going to be baptized on May 30th. The mom was able to change her work schedule so she can go to church which will be awesome!!

The work is progressing. We are starting to get to know more people. Even though my comp had been here for 6 weeks, he didn’t know many people so we have been trying to get to know them. We met a super awesome recent convert family and they are way cool! The ward is great. I love being back in Spanish. We had a big party on Saturday as a fundraiser for the young women. That was fun. I even got to see some people from my last Spanish ward in Desert Bloom. Our ward loves to party so we are having another part for Mother’s Day!! 

But that’s about it this week.

Elder Clark

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