Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter in the Desert

April 6, 2016
Happy Easter!

It has been a good week again! We always have good weeks! This week was a little hard for missionary work, but we had lots of meetings and General Conference and so it was a spiritual boost. 

So Monday night we had a really spiritual lesson with our investigator. We watched the movie 17 miracles and had a testimony meeting with some of the members who were with us and our investigator. She was crying and the spirit was very strong. She was going through some big trials in her life and it really showed her how God will help us in our trials. But so the sad part of the story was the next day, her grandma kicked her out of the lot and she had to leave. She has been having a lot of family troubles and I guess it hit its climax. We helped her load everything up and said goodbye. It was a pretty sad goodbye especially because there was no way we could refer her on because she wasn’t exactly sure where she was going to go. She was going to stay with a cousin for a short time. That was one of our last investigators to leave. 
On Thursday we had interviews with the mission president and that went really well. The funny story from that was the training our mission mom gave us. In our district meetings, my district leader assigned me to lead the music and so it has been sort of this joke with my district with my bad leading! So the Sister Training Leaders were dying laughing on Thursday as the training was on how to lead music and at one point Sister Snow said she was going to show us how to get off beat, and said, “I struggle getting off beat .” I retorted, “Oh, I can do that for you!” haha-it was a fun training. We had a really good training from President Snow. All the missions in the world were capped at 200 missionaries, but for five missions out of the world they gave an exception to have 220 missionaries and the Nevada Las Vegas mission was one of those. He talked about how proud he was of us and the members here and the work that the Lord needs done in our mission. He talked about 4th Nephi and how fast they converted everyone in the area and we talked about how fast pride tore down the happiest people in the world. He also announced that our mission will be going electronic and getting iPads in May so that will be exciting to see how the missionary work will change. 

Friday we also had zone meeting and then we had conference so there were a lot of things that went on! It was exciting to see how, in all the meetings, the Lord is hastening his work and that we get to be a part of this glorious time in history. And conference was really great! It is always wonderful to hear from all the apostles and prophets. I love the humor and happiness they have! I loved when Elder Uchtdorf got up and started speaking German! It just shows that we can be a happy people and still feel the spirit! 

We are leaving our area in one week! I am going back to Vegas, but not sure where yet. I will find out this weekend and hopefully it will be to a Spanish area! It will be good to get a new area, but I will always miss this area! Easter was a bit of a different day for me. It didn’t feel like a normal Easter, but I was able to really feel the spirit. At dinner we had a big group of people, ten or more, and had a yummy dinner! Mexican!! We had requested it, but don’t worry mom we still had Christmas ham. After the dinner we sang Lead Kindly Light and we shared a scripture from John 8:12 which talks about Christ being the light, and then we opened it up for people to share their testimonies and it was a very spiritual moment. Great testimonies were shared and I am grateful for the chance I have to be a missionary and have these spiritual experiences! 

I hope you all have a great week and that Easter brought to your remembrance the knowledge we have that Christ truly does live and that He speaks to us today!

Elder Clark 

Diana and the Buchanan's. Diana bought us these jumpsuits because everyone in Quartzsite has one. We were working hard this day helping dig holes.

P-Day hike in Palm Canyon

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