Monday, April 20, 2015

Back in Las Vegas

Hey everyone,
Sorry for my short email last week. I didn’t have a lot of time.

I have left Quartzsite as the area has been closed down and I am back in Las Vegas.

It was a good last week in Quartzsite! We were able to baptize a Spanish girl that we have been teaching for a while now. But she has been back and forth from Quartzsite and Mexico. So it was a miracle to be able to have her move back to Quartzsite so she could be baptized there.

It was sad to leave Quartzsite, but I am glad to back in Vegas. My last Sunday there, they had us speak at the end of sacrament meeting and one comment I said was that now my grandparents seem really young!  Everyone thought that was really funny and they wouldn’t stop bugging me about it!

During these last two weeks we have had a couple a life-saving experiences - So that has been pretty cool!

The first was from Quartzsite. I was on exchanges and we were in my area walking around an RV park. We saw all of this smoke billowing up and so we walked over there to check it out. There were two young kids and a pile of rubble from an old trailer was on fire! So we ran over there and talked to them and then started helping them put it out. It took us an hour to extinguish it completely. It wasn't too bad, but if we wouldn’t have showed up it could have been a lot worse and spread to a lot of trailers that were really close nearby. So that was a pretty crazy experience!

And then in my new area, we were knocking on a door of an 2nd floor apartment but they never answered. It was a super windy day and as we were waiting, I saw a kid walking down below us. I called out to him and he turned around a walked back to where we were and started talking to us and as we started talking a giant Cottonwood tree cracked and fell to the ground right where he was going to be walking!!!! So that was crazy. The kid was freaking out. So that was a really cool experience because I felt prompted to talk to him.

Being back in a Spanish area is going really well. I love it! The Lord  has really blessed me. I am able to understand and speak better than I thought I would be able to. I can speak enough Spanish to accomplish the Lord’s work; which is amazing! We have so many people in this area who are ready to hear the gospel! It’s so refreshing! Compared to Quartzsite when we talked to people and everyone said no - here it feels like everyone says yes! 

We were walking down a street when a van pulled over and two girls got out and started talking to us. Their family is from the Congo and they went to church once in Utah and they really wanted to know where the church was and when they could go. They were super nice and very ready to hear the gospel. We referred them to the English elders. It is a family of five or six, I think and they all want to come to church and get baptized so that was a crazy cool miracle! 

We also met another girl and we went back and met her mom and brother and they are from Cuba. They are all super ready to come to church and were very excited. The mom asked what time it started and we told her and she said she worked, but that she was going to talk to her boss to get it switched. It was amazing!

So, I am really excited to be here! Our ward is made up of a lot of people from El Salvador and many of our investigators are from Cuba.  Oh man, they are hard to understand but I am getting by!

Take care!

Elderito Clark

Rattle Snake Snack!              
Brother Murphy. He is so, so awesome!
Our neighbor Bob. He likes the sun!
The Duffins

Brother Atwood. He still fished and hunts at 80 something!!!
The Lawters and Margaret.
The Fullmers
The wicked dog daisy She hates all young people, especially missionaries!
The Broadheads
The Thomas'
The Cunninghams. Our park managers.

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