Monday, May 25, 2015

Vacation?...Oh Wait, Just Exchanges!

May 18, 2015
Hey everyone! It has been a pretty exciting week-that is for sure!

So I have really only been with my actual companion two days this whole week. Our mission president was out of town this last week for an iPad conference as we are getting iPads at the end of this month and so he didn't want the elders in my district to stay together while he was gone out of town so we have been on exchanges this entire week. We had a little break in the middle when the Zone leaders did exchanges with them.

It was actually really good, hard for the area and the work, but I was able to talk to them and learn a lot from them. I have learned so much in this past week I don't even know what to say! Every day is just a new learning experience. I was able to spend a lot of time just helping them out and talking to them. The hard part is they both go home very soon and so I don't think that helps the situation at all.

I don't know why a lot of people want leadership positions. I am definitely one to blame when I came out, but really it is just added stress and responsibility. It can be very rewarding at times, a lot of the times and I like getting to know other missionaries better. You just learn so much as you serve others and sacrifice what you want to do. No wonder Jesus Christ was so smart, He was learning so much and the spirit was his constant teacher! I have really been trying to learn what makes a good leader and how to follow Christ’s footsteps in the way He led. One thing that I have talked about with my zone leaders is administering and ministering, and the difference between the two. Administering and getting things done is an important part but if it is the only part then the leader is missing half of the puzzle. Ministering is doing things out of love and for the right reason. Like really trying to help those in your stewardship because you love them and giving up all your time effort and talents for them. It is empowering those you serve and not just being the one shouting orders, but helping others grow. I am really not good at this; I like to micromanage things too much! But, I am learning little by little!

This week we had a district meeting and my comp gave a good training that everyone enjoyed! And then I had made caramel apples and onions for a little training I was doing. It was so stressful, they are so, so hard to make. Mom, I don't know how you do it! haha I was like where is my mom when I really need her?! But, I related the apples and onions to investigators and how we are to search for those that are willing to hear and accept our message. We can’t waste the Lord’s time on people who are not ready quite yet. Preach my gospel talks about how no effort is wasted and that we can plant seeds, but the fruit may not come in the short time that we are in an area. So that went well.

This week was pretty rough pertaining to our investigators. We had one guy who was 16 that just dropped us straight up and he was super awesome! I was so sad! I texted him Saturday night and he just said he didn't want to get baptized anymore and that he didn't want to go to church and he didn't want us to come over and see him anymore. And this guy had read almost all of the Book of Mormon in a couple weeks and said he would be honored to be baptized so I have no idea what happened. I am still pretty bummed about that. And then another family that we were teaching is moving, so that was also sad.

But we had a great referral so the work goes on!

Hope you all have a great week

Elder Clark

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