Monday, November 9, 2015

Broke the Barrier!

This week was awesome!! We saw so many miracles as a zone!

We had a big meeting with all the district leaders and talked about the barriers we had in our zone and how we were planning on overcoming them. We set a goal to find over 100 new investigators in a week as a zone! It was awesome - we broke it!!! We actually got 119! It was really cool to see everyone band together to complete a goal.

My companion is getting transferred, and I am getting a new zone leader! This will be my 7th transfer I have spent outside of Las Vegas! I am really excited for this upcoming transfer. We have a big vision to change the culture of our zone. In the past, the attitude was that missionaries who have been out of Vegas were the disobedient missionaries. So, we are going to change that and try to get people really hyped to come to our zone. It should be a great transfer! 

The weather has been getting a little cooler. It has even snowed in some of the mountains so that is pretty cool. We had a really neat miracle this week and it came at a great time. I had been thinking a lot about being led by the spirit. I haven’t, very often, had a voice speak to me; I just sort of do things. But, I had two experiences this last week where I know we were led by God to meet these people. The first experience happened when were twenty minutes early to dinner on night so we knocked doors in the surrounding area. We were just about to turn back and at the last second I saw a guy cleaning his car. We went over and he started talking to us. He told us that we couldn’t have come to a better person. His mom had just told him to go through his stuff and pick out the stuff he wanted before she died. He was also having really bad medical problems and said that he really needed God in his life. It was so amazing to see how the spirit led us there; even though we were just contacting like we always do, it would have been easy to have just gone to dinner or to have turned back and not talked to him. The Lord is in the details of our life and this man felt that.

Also, we met another lady a week or so ago. We had a sister who is preparing to go on a mission with us and we said a prayer that we would find who the Lord would have us find. The very first people we talked to were drinking and smoking, and they ended up being very receptive to our message. The girlfriend of one was a less active member, and had actually talked to the sister missionaries a lot. She found out in July that she had Leukemia, and she was so grateful to see us. She wants us to try and help her teenage children cope with this as the doctor told her that she may have only six months to live. It’s getting to be very hard for that family. I know God sent us to her. 

The Lord really does direct our lives. We just have to be aware, and give the glory to Him. I love serving a mission! I would recommend it to anyone. Stand strong in your faith and trust in the prophets. The lord will provide; we just have to have faith.

I love you all,

Elder Clark

At the Mission Leadership Council Meeting

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