Monday, November 16, 2015

1 Hour to Heal

Well this was a very exciting week! We had transfers, and Elder Anderson went up to Las Vegas in a Spanish area. I will miss him! He was a great companion and a great missionary. But it's so weird how you get used to all the dramatic changes like they are nothing! Ha

I got a new companion from Wyoming! He's a super cool guy! We were actually in the MTC together even though I didn't know him then. He served English for the first ten months of his mission, but just came from seven months in Spanish. And it's been really cool because this week we have found a couple Spanish families to teach!

Things in this zone are going great! We had a big meeting last Friday and we talked again about how every month we were going to set a barrier that we want to break as a zone! Just as Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile, our zone can break things that have never been done before and that will change the culture of our zone. Only 46 days after Bannister broke the four minute mile, someone beat his record! What was previously thought to be impossible, became the possible. Limits are only the preconceived notion of an unmotivated mind. Our zone is way different than the rest of the zones in Vegas, and so our goal is to change the culture of our zone.

We had a great week in terms of our area. We found some amazing families and saw lots of miracles! The Lord is really blessing us, and I know it will only continue as we remain humble and trust in Him. Just as in the Book of Mormon when they would prosper and forget God then they would fall.  Alma says, blessed are those that don't have to be compelled to be humble. I need to be more that way!

So on Sunday morning, speaking of being humble, the Lord humbled us. Two families that were supposed to come to church canceled-one was being evicted, and the other was in the hospital with sick kids. Then our other investigator, who is getting baptized this Saturday, and needed to come to church, was sick, as well.  That morning on our way to Ward council, we stopped by her house and talked to her. We gave her some hot lemon water and this juice stuff to help her feel better and told her to rest for an hour and we would be back to have her come to church. She said she would only go if she felt better. She is 78 years old, by the way! So it was an hour to get all healed up!! We prayed with her that she would be better and able to come to church. After we left, I was just praying so hard she would be better! The last three Sundays something came up to where she didn't come to church. One week she had gone to the other Ward, one week she was just gone, and now, illness. We practically see her every day of the week, and on Sunday something always goes wrong. Satan doesn't want her to get baptized. It really shows the principle of darkness always precedes the light. After Ward council we had a member follow us over to go see her. Man, my heart was pumping so hard. I was just trying to have exceedingly great faith and picture her saying yes, but I was so nervous! We knocked on the door and she said she felt a little better, but kind of cold! Well that was good enough for me! I was like, alright let's get you a jacket and a get you in the car to church! hahahahah She stayed for all three hours and got better throughout! She even proudly stood up in Relief Society and introduced herself and said she was getting baptized!

I know that the Lord will provide. There are so many blessings in store for us if we just have a little more faith, exercise a little more hope and belief in Him! As we do, our love will begin to grow and blossom and many miracles will come of our charity! I know my Savior lives and He loves me! This is my testimony.

Elder Clark

After the first lesson, they decided they didn't want the missionaries
to come back, so they left the Book of Mormon on the door in a bag.
That is one way to say they were done.

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