Monday, June 29, 2015

Hace Mucho Calor

June 1, 2015

Well it was super, super hot this week - like 110 degrees, so that was a nice adjustment for me. NOT! But, I am sure I will get used to it, or by the time I get used to it I will be going home! It is just way too hot, but we are having a lot of fun. Biking in that weather is the best!

This week was really good. Lots of miracles! It was a new transfer so my district got mixed around a bit, and it’s now mostly sisters, which is cool. They are a little shy, but that’s alright. 

This week we made a lot of progress in our ward and planning some really cool activities. We had a meeting with the sister missionaries in our ward and talked about plans and goals we had for our ward this transfer. We also talked with our bishop and came up with some cool ideas. On the 13th of June, we are having a mini EFY, missionary style. The youth will come and we will do activities and teach them how to hand out a Book of Mormon and then go out in the streets with them and preach the gospel. We will then we have a big lunch and then the first counselor in the mission presidency is coming and going to speak to them. Then we will have a testimony meeting so it is going to be super awesome! And then on the 27th of June, we are going to have an open house and it’s going to be a trip to Hawaii. Everyone is going to crash and then we will teach them about the plan of salvation and the kingdoms of glory. We are going all out and the ward is going to help us. We will be having a Luau also, so that will be super awesome and fun!
District Meeting

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