Monday, June 29, 2015


June 8, 2015

Hey everyone!

This week the Lord has really blessed us! We set some goals as a companionship and as a district, and as we are having faith in those goals the Lord is really blessing us.


A funny experience that happened this week was as we were coming home to our apartment. We had seen this lady a few days earlier and had talked to her. She had started yelling at us in Spanish and English and we had no idea what she was talking about, but she kept calling us "los diablos". So, when we ran into her a few days later, she freaked out!! she kept calling us the FBI and telling us that Obama was here and freaking out and yelling at us. We tried telling her we were missionaries and then she ran around the complex and told everyone that we were the FBI. 20 minutes later, after we were in our apartment, three cop cars showed up and started talking to her! Haha The next morning she was still screaming something about the FBI!

But other than that we have been super busy and there aren’t a lot of crazy stories. It has been quite a change from Quartzsite! We are teaching 4 kids under the age of 10. All should be getting baptized. It is a lot different teaching kids then grandparents-that’s for sure, but I love both! Before church yesterday, we had to go help our investigator through his tantrum and promise him we would play the "dot game" at church! It brought me back to when Christian and Rolando Santos and I played that in church. So that was pretty funny, and we taught our little investigator all these hand signals for the word of wisdom.

The other three kids we are teaching are some grandkids of a lady in our ward and the family has been praying for years for them to be baptized as their parents are not members. The mom has told them no for two years, but just randomly she said yes. So that is super awesome! The Lord is just putting people in our path, for sure!

The other cool miracle we had was also last week. We had gone to see a former investigator and she wasn’t home, but her neighbor was out and so we went over and helped the family clean up their garage sale and then they invited us in for Tacos de carne asada!! And man, it was so good. We were talking with their kids all about missionary work and their family is super cool! We have seen them a couple times since then and they are very, very interested in our message. Like, one of the daughters downloaded the Book of Mormon app so she can listen to it and all this awesome stuff! They are even living the word of wisdom! It was funny because the one daughter felt bad because she said she had cinnamon tea. We asked how she made it and she said cinnamon water and honey and we were like that is totally fine. haha They are in Mexico for a while, but hopefully things will go good when they get back.

That was my week!

Love you all!

Elder Clark

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