Monday, January 5, 2015

SNOW!!! Except for me!

I hope you all had a safe New Year and didn’t get too crazy. Here for the New Year we got SNOW!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, I was on exchanges in the only town that didn’t get any snow so that was a big, big bummer! But we had a great week. Time is flying by so fast. I have already been in Quartzsite for a month.
To start the week off I went on exchanges with our district leader in the town next to us (Blythe). It was good to go to a different area and try to learn some things that could really help the area I am currently in. I was there for a day and a half and it was pretty funny because the elders over there stay with a single member. This member has a ton, and I mean a TON of cats in his house and yard! Crazy! It was great to get to know my DL more. He is a super hard worker and so that was good.

On Thursday morning we went out to the desert with one of our part-member families. The father is really sensitive about the gospel; well that’s what his wife has told us. Anytime we try and talk to him about it she tells us not to. So we try and respect that even though it’s frustrating. But they took us out to this place called skull rock and that was super fun! They are a great family. Everyone out here treats us like grandkids! It’s really fun! But don’t worry-I never forget my real Grandmas! Or my Grandmas in Cross Plains and Stoughton!! I love you all!

Friday we got to go to the temple and that was amazing. It is about a 3 ½ hour drive one way so it makes for a long day of driving, but luckily we went with our Ward Mission Leader. He is a super awesome guy and it was great going up with him and enjoying the blessings we get from the temple. We had a fun day and even got to stop at a Mongolian grill and have some dinner.

A funny story: At times in Quartzsite we have to be creative on how we get people out of their houses and how we talk to them. So just by accident one day I found a new method. We were going by to see some members to get to know them and ask them if they would go out with us sometime. It was dark, like around 7 in the evening, and my comp had to go back to the car to get something and so I was unlocking it with the remote. But instead of just pressing the unlock button once, I just kept pressing the button so the car would beep. I was just doing it to mess with him. The members weren’t home so we got in our car and started driving away. We noticed that the lady who lived next door came out on her porch and started talking to us while we were in the car. She thought it sounded like the neighbors were coming a going a lot because their car horn kept going off and she came out to see what was going on! haha! We talked for a bit and we were able to get her name and she said we could come back! It was hilarious; so now I always give our car a few extra the dismay of my comp at times-ha!

This week has really flown by. The Lord is still blessing us with even more people to teach-slowly but surely. Another woman came to church this Sunday whom we have never seen before. Our members are awesome just bringing people in. So I am excited to work with these people and they have lots of potential. I hope we can just find some more and keep the work of the Lord progressing. Have a Happy New Year! I am excited to start my first and only full year as a missionary! It’s going to be awesome!
Elder Clark
The Las Vegas Temple
Skull Rock

Sister Thomas and the Jeeps at Skull Rock

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