Monday, November 3, 2014

Things are Cool in the Desert

Hey everyone!!
This week was transfers and so that was crazy. We were at the mission office all morning on Tuesday waiting for one Elder’s companion to show up but it was still fun. The weather is finally starting to cool off here - it feels so nice outside.
On Tuesday night we had the Branch Trunk or Treat with another English ward for the candy part. I was able to try Mexican hot chocolate and it was super yummy and there was lots of pan dulce. It is super yummy sweet bread stuff. Sadly, they had no pan muerte, but it was awesome! I loved all the kids and talking to everyone in the English and Spanish wards.
Then on Friday we had our missionary Halloween party as we weren’t allowed outside. We watched some funny skits that each zone prepared. There were 6 zones there, so like over 100 missionaries! It was awesome. The theme of the skits was supposed to be about the worst member present lessons. I was in one and was the investigator which went well, but we only had one microphone so that made it hard! We had a ton of candy and desserts and watched 17 miracles. It is really cool to be with so many missionaries - truly inspiring and fun to see people.
We have one investigator who is doing really well. We have been praying and fasting for him to get a new job as he works crazy, crazy hours. He said, though, that he will take his last vacation day for the year to go to church. But he really needs a new job so that he can attend every week. He said something really cool to me on Thursday. I was on member splits and took a priest in our ward (who is actually only 6 days younger than me). We were able to teach a good lesson and at the end of the lesson our investigator said that even though I don’t speak Spanish well, he knows the things I say are true. He told us that he talked to some other missionaries a month ago or so that he saw on the street and they didn’t convince him and he was sad that they didn’t have the spirit with them. He went on and talked for a while about how he knew everything was true. It really showed to me that I am not the teacher, rather the spirit is. I am just the conduit for the light to flow into the investigator’s life. That experience made me want to be even better and have the power of the spirit with me more.
Saturday night was truly a miracle. We had some appointments fall through and we didn’t have anything else to do.  All our plans we had originally planned were ten miles away and the people we were to meet with weren’t there.  As we were thinking of where to go after dinner, I couldn’t think. My mind was just dead. I could barely even remember our area. It was a major brain fart! So we pulled over into a nearby church and said a prayer. Instantly, as I started praying, a name came to mind. As I was praying, I pushed it back. In my prayer I even asked "that we will be able to follow the promptings we receive" and their name popped back into my head. Still, I ignored it. I told my comp of another family we could go see and we headed out to see them. It was unsuccessful. My comp then said the name of the people that had popped into my head earlier and we headed out on bikes to their house. He said he had thought of them earlier too but pushed their name back also. Once we got there they were having dinner and they invited us in. We ate dinner with them (our second dinner, ha!). They had a lot of extended family over. The carne asada was so good but the Lord didn’t send us there for the food. The grandma of the family had just broken her toes and we were able to give her a blessing. They had one son who only speaks English and we talked to him and he is going back to the YSA ward. The mom who is not a member thanked us for getting him back to church as he has been going down the wrong path. And that’s not all. They had their aunt and uncle over who aren’t members and we gave a quick spiritual thought about the power of faith and we were asked to say a prayer. We asked the aunt what she needed us to pray for and she broke down and cried. We said a prayer and the spirit was so strong.  It was truly a miracle. The rest of the night all our potentials turned into return appointments.
I hope you all have a great week!!

Elder Clark

Branch Trunk or Treat

 Pan Dulce - yum!

District Meeting

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