Tuesday, October 28, 2014

End of Transfer #1 - Wahoo!


Wow!!! I have already been gone for 12 weeks-that is just so crazy! Time flies when you are having fun, I guess, or more just like super busy. I am staying in my same area with my same comp. Things should be really good this next transfer as we have some great potential in our area. As we strive to work as hard as we can I know we will be blessed.

So a tender mercy we had this week was with a part member family. The husband is less active and his wife is not a member. They have two great little kids. They are a super awesome family. We rode by one day and saw the wife working in the yard and we stopped and starting helping her and her husband trim trees and do some yard clean up. After we helped them, they really opened up to us and it was amazing. The husband even said he would fix up our bikes whenever we needed it. Later in the week, a member (splits) and I had another appointment somewhere that fell through. II could have stayed in the apartment complex to contact people like I would normally do, but I decided to just go see this part member family again. We got there and they were home and we were able to give a lesson. It was a powerful lesson and the spirit was super strong. The husband was even teaching the wife about the church. It was truly a prompting from the Spirit that led us to them. I had been praying that day specifically for a prompting from the Spirit. At the time I didn’t know I received one, but it truly was! And the family came to church on Sunday, so there is a lot of hope!!

My District leader is completing his mission and going home. His name is Elder Puga and he is from Mexicali! He is a great guy and super nice. Very humble and a great missionary! We also have an elder in our ward leaving for his mission this week so at Sacrament Meeting both Elder Puga and the new missionary spoke. It was cool to see both sides of the spectrum! The spirit was very strong. It is crazy that my farewell was only three months ago, and in not a very long time I will be leaving. It makes me want to make every day count, but man that can be hard.

We have another investigator that is just a miracle. He is the one that came to church last week. We stopped by his house and he wasn’t home, but we gave his son a Book of Mormon. His dad texted us later that night to say thank you and that he was going to start reading it! We had a great first lesson with him and committed him to baptism on the 15 of November!! The gospel is perfect for him and we are really excited for him. He also came to a fireside called Porque Creo (Why I believe). Our mission puts on this fireside for our investigators. It is recent converts in different areas that share about the experiences they have had coming into the church. This one was all in Spanish and the Spirit was very strong. I really felt at home. It was the first time in a long time our branch put it on and my love for the people grew so much! They are all just wonderful people. One speaker talked about the family feeling they felt was at church and how they felt welcomed by everyone. Five little primary girls sang a couple songs. It was just all so pretty, especially in Spanish.

One last crazy story - a priest in our ward got jumped the other day! His dad works with ICE (the immigration people) and so they caught the bad guys on camera somehow. It was pretty crazy going over to do service for them and hearing the story. Even in our nice area. So hopefully something crazy will happen to me!! Just messing! Chiste! 

I hope you all have a great week, and take time to ponder on the scriptures. I love my personal time in the morning and my knowledge grows so much! I love the power of the priesthood and that all of us can feel of it in our lives and feel of God’s love. I know that the Lord is on my left and my right and that His angels are bearing me up. I take great comfort in that. 

Elder Clark
-The Spanish is coming - a quote from Logan to his dad: Yo estoy muy agradecio para usted y mi mama y mis hermanas. Yo se que este obra aveces es dificil pero yo se que mi salvador es conmigo siempre y si tengo fe y dilegencia en este obra, tenere mas exitoso y paz en mi vida y su vida.
These are some English elders. Two are getting transferred. One is Elder Siilata and he grew up with Elder Kanahele and the other is Elder Oveson -The RAM!!! He always rams people on accident when we play sports!





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