Monday, October 20, 2014

Miracles upon Miracles!

Hey Everyone-

I am not sure if we had 17 miracles this week, but we definitely had a few. There are a lot of things going on in our area to try and help find more people for us to teach. We had our first two classes to teach people English. The classes are free and anyone can come. They were actually pretty boring, so I am thinking of some ideas to spice things up!! I remember how boring Spanish class was at school so hopefully ours can be a little more fun! The sisters in our ward are starting a Zumba class and we are talking about having a tri-stake cultural night. We have big plans and a lot of them probably won’t happen until we are gone, but it is exciting to find creative ways to find more people to teach. 

On Thursday, I went on splits with the DL. He is going home in a week so I tried to learn as much as I could from him. We went to see a referral and it was amazing. We went over and the mom of the family answered the door. We talked to them and invited them to church. The crazy part is that they have a son in the MTC right now. He is the only one in their family that is a member, and he is going to South Korea on his mission! He sang in the Elders choir during General Conference. And so my comp and I were just like WHAT!!! It was so crazy. I know the Lord blesses families of those who serve, so hopefully I can be an instrument to bless this elder’s family. 

Friday the Lord put so many people in our path! We talked to 80 people about Jesus Christ or the church!! We just biked around everywhere and talked to everyone we saw on the way to our citas (appointments). Not very many accept us, but we got some good referrals for the English missionaries and a couple potentials. I even helped this one man carry his groceries across the street! It is just amazing what the Lord does when He trusts you. We have been talking to everyone for the past few weeks. Like I mean everyone! If we so much as see someone we try and go talk to them!! We are finding that then the Lord puts people in our path for us to talk to!

Saturday morning we went to the temple with members from our branch. A young man is about to go on his mission and he was receiving his endowment. I’ll send the pics next week!! It was a Spanish session and I did all of it in Spanish. They had subtitles so that helped me a lot, but I had been praying that I would understand and be edified by the spirit. It was so amazing. I learned more than I have in English and just felt the spirit so strong. It’s amazing how deep you understand things when you understand them in two different languages, It just gives it so much meaning! 

And then on Sunday we had even more miracles!!! I had texted a reminder to one of our potentials who was a referral from a member in an English ward to go to church. He never responded back and so we just figured he wasn’t coming. But it turned out he just walked right into church!!!! It was awesome and he said he really enjoyed it! He is golden and ready for the gospel. It just shows how powerful member referrals are. We also had a less active member and his non-member wife come to church! It was the first time we had any investigators at church. We were so happy! 

Sunday night I went on member splits and took our investigator to night church (a Spanish Sacrament meeting for those that work or can’t attend a morning session). He has been doing really well and the only reason he hasn’t been baptized is because he hasn’t come to church. He loved it! After the Sacrament meeting we took him to the temple and took pictures and walked around. The spirit there was amazing. I told him a little about temples and what they mean to us and he said it made everything make sense and that his previous doubts made sense now because of the temple. I honestly don’t know how my explanation answered his questions, but I know the spirit was there!

That is all for this week!! Nos Vemos! Que tenga buen semana!!

Elder Clark

Logan sitting on a member's Charger in front of the beautiful Las Vegas Temple.

Pictures with a member and investigator

Breath taking!

All of the new missionaries attend the Temple on October 10, 2014


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