Monday, June 27, 2016


This was another busy week! Every week is busy over here. It has been fun getting back into Spanish and trying to get as fluent as I possibly can. I am trying to speak slowly so that I have good pronunciation. But you all know how hard it is for me to speak slow! T

This week has also been a bit frustrating. I am getting totally immersed in the Spanish culture. We invite lots of people to get baptized and to come to church and then they never follow through. We even had this church tour set up with this lady and we called her because she was late and she answered and said I am on my way! And then she never came. Haha. And so the hardest thing is to find those who are really interested! The ways that I have done it in the past don't work in this area and so, as always, I am growing and learning every day!

But my Spanish is getting better and better every day! In our ward we have a lot of YSA aged people that are RMs or converts to the gospel. And so that is still super fun to have young people. They help us out a lot and really understand the gospel and help out our investigators a lot. One of our most solid investigators was this YSA member friend. She is so solid. She is actively going to another Christian church with her family. But she knows the gospel is true and so she is just building up the courage to tell her pastor and parents and get Sunday's off at work.

The other day my comp had a lesson with her, we were on splits, and she said she had this prompting to tell her mom and then she didn't. So they had a great lesson and we are really excited for her!  Also we have this other investigator who is getting baptized this weekend and she called yesterday before church saying she was sick and she needed to come to church and so  we talked to her and then she came to church but she brought her 6 year old son. Ha and so after sacrament she was trying to take him to primary but he ran out of the church into the parking lot and then started telling his mom all this stuff. And then she tried to have him get in the car and leave and he wouldn't. Ha he was just being a piece! Haha my comp and I were just like this kid! Haha I call him paco now. But he was a brat and so they had to leave. 

But overall things are going great! I am just living my mission to its fullest! 

Elder Clark

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