Monday, June 20, 2016

Life in the Chafa

Hello everyone!

Well this week has been a really good one! I was transferred up to North Las Vegas! It's a super fun area. The most ghetto one I have served in my whole mission. We live with a member of the church, and in his backyard he has two shacks. And so we live in one and other elders live in the other. The members name is Brother Loveland. And so we call him love man and his house the love shack. He is famous throughout the whole mission.
He cooks us breakfast every Saturday and he always tries to give us ice cream. 

The area we cover has lots of small four-plexes we call them. It's just like an apartment with four apartments.  Like everyone we talk to lives in those. And we may as well be some of the only white people around! It's mostly Hispanic and black! So its fun -  lots of people to speak Spanish to. The transition was really good! We had a lot of success and are hopefully going to see people enter the waters of baptism. Our ward is awesome. Especially our ward mission. We have a lot of RMs and YSA as our ward missionaries and ward mission leader and so they are all super awesome! That is really cool. Still sort of feel like I am serving in a YSA ward. But the Spanish is coming back to me.

It's awesome because my comp speaks really well and has a really good accent and so I am learning a lot from him on how to say things. I have already come far. And I made a list with a lot of sayings on them so I can practice them! Como este comida es para choparse los dedos. Jaja The zone is really cool! We are all in the same stake and so we get to see each other more often and get to do stuff as a zone on p-day. So that's really cool! I love being a missionary and have really enjoyed my time serving in all aspects. It is nice to finish my mission with a little less responsibility but I still have enough to keep me busy.

So a couple funny stories! I was saying a prayer in Spanish in our shack the other day over our dinner as our member just dropped off Subway for us. And I said in Spanish  "thanks for the food....there it is haha" hay esta! Hahahaha my comp thought it was the funniest thing ever. Then this other member fed us dinner yesterday and he called us a half hour before dinner and said his car broke down and that he needed a ride, and so we went and picked him up and he was like I need to go to the store to buy food for dinner haha! He was a recent convert and so he really didn't understand not shopping on the Sabbath day...but Hispanics in general don't. Haha and so we dropped him off and waited in the car and as we were waiting we were joking about what if we saw the bishop or someone come to get food for Father's Day. And like five minutes later we saw this couple from church walk up to the store and we died laughing haha! Gotta love the commandments!

Elder Clark

The Shack

Lunch with Elder Thorne's Parents

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