Monday, February 22, 2016

A Stripper to a Saint, Saints and Soldiers

Well it's about time that I share some pretty awesome miracles the Lord is blessing us with!
We are seeing people truly change their lives! And the name of the blog my mom has for me
is converting one casino at a time, and so I am not totally doing that as we can't go into
casinos but I am doing the second best thing. 
We have been teaching a stripper and it's amazing to see the progress she has made! She
totally knows this gospel is true! She has even started teaching her sister and friend and
they both are going to get baptized in April! She just throws down on her friends in lessons
and tells them how it is! It's so cool. So she will hopefully be baptized soon. We are trying to 
help her get a new job! And so it's just such a cool experience - all the miracles we see!
She loves all the activities the ward has, and she is just friends with everyone! We even use
her to fellowship our other investigators. She sits by whoever at church for us and she says
hi to everyone! Haha And last night, it was cool in our lesson, we were talking about a new
job for her and she wants to go into real estate and the member that was with us was in real
estate. And the class she was normally going to take was 2-3 months, the class to get their
license at our members place is two weeks! And so hopefully she jumps on that opportunity!
We also had a guy we have been teaching who is in the army get baptized this last week!
He is so, so awesome. He has just known it was all true and has a huge testimony. He has
just moved so fast! We have only taught him for a month and he read all through 1st Nephi
and taught the plan of salvation to his friends! He is just eating up everything the church
has to offer!
Things are going really great in our ward! We have some pretty awesome investigators and
some awesome people going to get baptized soon!
I hope you all have a good week!
Elder Clark
La Abuelita de Logan
Jason's Baptism

Lesson by the pool
We call him Santa Steve
The Lawters had us over for dinner. Logan met them in Quartzsite.
Missionary work is tiring! Can't have boring planning sessions.

I asked Logan for a head shot for the missionary map at church and this is what I got. No, I didn't put this one up...or the next one.

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