Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Last Week in Mexico

Que transita por tus venas!!! (What’s running through your veins? Just another way I learned to say hi.)
As always, I never know where to start. So much happens every single week it is hard to remember it all, but this has been a great week as they always are!! It is crazy getting down to the last few days here and I am so ready to get to the field, but I am working harder this week than ever before. I know I need this time here and I want to make the best of it.

We had some really good friends leave this week. A district that was super cool which was in our zone left at the beginning of this week. They had one Elder in their district who had an amazing singing voice. He was the Elder that sang the first day I was here. He has a full ride to BYU for singing so we will miss his voice a lot! Also, a good friend of my comp and me was Elder Motts. We played basketball with him a lot!! He is like 6´10 or something and was another awesome guy who we had to say goodbye to. In a week we will say goodbye to all the other awesome people we have met here.

Last Friday or Saturday, now I can’t remember, we taught Brian. Brian is an Elder in our district and we have to teach each other every day. We take on the name of a friend or someone that we know to be an investigator and it helps us learn what it is like to be in their shoes. So we taught him about the restoration, I believe, and it was a good lesson. But afterwards he asked if he could talk to us. During the previous lesson with him he had had a lot of questions so we spent the time answering those and many of them were about la palabra de sabaduria (Word of Wisdom). So when he wanted to talk to us we were like, “okay”. He told us that in our last lesson you weren’t just teaching “Brian”, but you were teaching me. He said in the past he has had his struggles, and that it was the first time ever in his life he truly understood why he needed to obey the word of wisdom. He has been living it, but it has just been hard for him. He said that even though it was in Spanish it was crystal clear to him!! That hit us so hard. You never know when you can truly bless the life of someone else. The Lord was truly in that lesson. It was an amazing testimony builder.

Our teacher also asked us to tutor two Elders in Spanish because they are struggling. That was a shock because I definitely do not feel qualified to teach anyone Spanish, but it has been going well. I think it was for me also, because I have learned a lot as I have been teaching!

Sunday, as always, was a day full of the Spirit. The Spirit was so strong in our testimony meeting. Before one of our devotionals, an Hermana sang the hymn, Abide With Me Tis Eventide in Spanish with an amazing piano accompaniment. Her voice was just so clear and perfect for it. I truly felt the Spirit so strong. It was the most amazing hymn I have ever heard!! I love how much music can bring the Spirit into our lives.

The other day my companion found a perfect scripture for me during personal study. He said it is perfect for soldiers. It is in Alma 60:36 it reads:  36 Behold, I am Moroni, your chief captain. I seek not for power, but to pull it down. I seek not for honor of the world, but for the glory of my God, and the freedom and welfare of my country. And thus I close mine epistle. 

I love that!! I serve my God now and will one day serve my country to bring freedom to people in temporal and spiritual things and for the glory of my God.

By far the highlight of this week was last night, Tuesday night. We had a devotional and it was a talk given by Elder Holland a year ago at the Provo MTC. It was seriously another one of the best talks I have ever heard. He once again really hit the point home that we have to convert ourselves before we can convert others. The missionary should be fully converted and then he will have the power of God. It is unacceptable, and shouldn’t happen, for a return missionary to fall away. For someone who taught gospel truths to others should not do what they taught. A quote he had that I really liked was (and he said it in a joking way at first, but he truly and really meant it) "I command you to come home with at least one convert, and that better be YOU!!"  His words were so powerful when he said it and right afterward he was super emotional and bore testimony about how his 24 months in the field changed the next 50 years of his life. His next 50 years had everything to do with his mission. It was so powerful to hear his testimony. 

Another part of his talk I really liked was when he was talking about the conversion of Alma the younger in Mosiah 27. When the angel visited Alma and the sons of Mosiah he spoke "as it were with a voice of thunder, which caused the earth to shake upon which they stood; and that lead to the conversion of Alma and the sons.”

And then Elder Holland related missionaries to that. He talked about teaching with power and authority and with the spirit and he said that he had a theory:

"People can have earthquakes exactly where they stand, and you can cause that!"

I love that. It shows what power we can have as missionaries if we are obedient and have the Spirit with us. 

One last quick story, so after that talk we went back to our classrooms and had a discussion as a district and some Hermanas joined us because their district had already left. Two of the Hermanas had amazing stories. One was a convert to the church at age 15 and she told us the story of the hardships she had. Her whole family is anti-Mormon and atheist. She talked about how she was alone and couldn't get to church and just wanted to feel that she was loved by someone. She told us the time she was truly converted was when she was reading the Book of Mormon to disprove it and when she reached the promise in Moroni she decided, “what the heck, I will pray to see if it was true” and as she prayed she was overcome by the Spirit and knew that this church was true and that the gospel of Jesus Christ was true without a shadow of a doubt. The other Hermana was inactive her whole life and basically not a member. She said she had had many struggles, but when she was at BYU Hawaii she was surfing one morning and her dad had called her and they talked and he told her she needed to get her life in order and break up with her boyfriend and serve the Lord. Then at the bookstore there at BYU Hawaii she was looking at a Preach my Gospel and a return missionary came up to her and said “that’s a good book.” And then he told her to serve a mission. Their testimonies were just amazing and neither of them have support from their families while they are on their missions. It was a very spiritual day.
Well that’s all from Mexico!! I should be able to write next week on Tuesday before I leave! I hope all is well!!

Elder Clark

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