Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Elder Clark is in Mexico City

August 6, 2014
Hey everyone.
I am safely here!! This is just so so crazy. The flight was good I got some sleep but hardly any food. My second flight was boarding when I landed so I had to hurry!! It has been fun talking to a bunch of missionaries. I have met some elders that are going to Vegas as well, so that is cool. One is in my district. He is from North Carolina. I love all you guys and hope all is well. I need an SD card so if you could check my camera stuff and see what I need and send it in a letter as soon as possible that would be great-like in a day or two so it gets here. Until then I will look around here for one maybe and see if I can get pics from other people. My camera only takes like three pictures ;(  Have a great week! My P-day is Wednesday so in a week I will be able to write again. I love you all. This is so crazy.
Hasta luego,

Elder Clark

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