Thursday, March 31, 2016

Member Madness

Well it was another great week in the mission field! We have had lots of miracles this week and lots of fun!

I don't even know where to start.  This past week we have been having our member March madness bracket going. The ward are all in teams and competing with one another in missionary work. The work is going off in the ward right now! It's so cool to see all of our members getting involved and even those that are just coming back into activity. One girl is so awesome and she has come out with us all week and has been doing tons of missionary work and getting so excited about it! Today at church, she asked for a blessing and just told us how thankful she was for us and all we did for her! She also took our investigator home from church and threw down on him! She was sharing her testimony and telling him to get baptized. And he was crying, and he never shows emotion, but almost cried too. The moments that matter most on your mission is when you see people change their lives. That is what makes you never want to leave!

This week we also hit the basketball courts at a nearby park and met a really cool dude. It's about my fifth time going to the courts to play ball. And man, the first couple times I had butterflies so bad! I was literally one of the only white dudes there. But this week we had a cool miracle with the homies. We played this one guy and after the game we had a lesson and another dude we had played with before joined in with us. As we were teaching, the guy joining in was like, "dude I am totally converting, like give me a year! Dude their churches even got gyms! And you see all them other Christian churches and they be twerking in church! Now man that ain't right! These bros got it right."  You got to love when you have random ballers testifying in lessons. The guy we were actually teaching wants to play ball at Dixie in St George and so we told him everyone there is Mormon, so we will see how that goes!

Also this week, Haley was baptized! Which was really neat! It only took 6 times before she was all the way under! She got a bloody nose about the third time and so she had to step out and take care of that. But she is awesome! She is so, so converted for missionary work and the gospel! I know in the last few months, I had really been praying to find people who would truly convert and it is so cool the see the people we have been teaching and their commitments change.

So fast forward another week..... Ha I get so busy that I start a draft and don't get to finish it!

This last week we had a really cool experience at the temple of multiple reasons. One of the members in our ward was receiving his endowments and it was cool to go with him as he has gone through a lot in his life and has changed so much to be where he is at now. Right after we got out of the session we received a text from one of our other members saying that she and a few other sisters from our ward were at the temple with two of our investigators having a lesson and we could come say hi if we wanted too! It's so cool when your members are missionaries themselves and fellowship! The funniest part was that they had just completed a color run and so they were in running clothes and covered in colored dust!

Other than that, we have been super busy with transfers and training missionaries. There is so much for me to learn and this assignment I am in now is going to teach me a lot about humility and dedication and reliance on the Lord.

With this last Easter marks my final Easter on my mission! I guess you only get two, so no big deal! But we had a great Easter! I almost died. We had two dinners that day. One with our investigator and one with some members and both were so good! That morning, before church, we called a bunch of random people in our area book and set up lessons with them and sent some referrals! It was pretty crazy to just call people up and have them be open. I guess the youngins' always answer their phone, ha ha!

Well hope you all have a good week!

Elder Clark

Training New Missionaries

Elder Clark and Elder Thorne Training the New Missionaries

Elder Clark

Elder Thorne

What? They are having too much fun!

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