Monday, March 16, 2015

Una Mazeta

Well another week is over!! The time just keeps flying, and whenever I tell that to people here the all just look at me and tell me wait until I am their age!

After much stress and chaos this week, we had the wedding. The bride had this dress that she needed alterations on and so I called a upon a sister in the ward to help. When she looked at the dress there was just no way that she was going to be able to make it fit. And so a day before the wedding neither the bride nor the groom had clothes to wear! So they had a stressful day in Phoenix looking for something to wear. And then the wedding day was a tad bit stressful, but all came together and they were married and very happy! He will be getting baptized this Saturday. It is just truly amazing and I need to thank my Father in Heaven more because this was the couple that we just ran into on the street-they came up to us and asked where the church was and she said that he wanted to become a member and so we really didn’t have a lot of work to do! But the Lord does truly bless us when we do what he asks of us. So that has been a real miracle in our area.

This week we also got to enjoy a lot of good food, as we always do! But, man oh man, did they take good care of us. We met with one of our investigators and we were helping her paint this house and for lunch I cooked up some steaks and burgers she gave us and we all had a good BBQ and a lesson. And then the next day, I was on exchanges with my district leader and there was a yard sale going on in the Gold Star Park, the trailer park right next to the church. We were walking around talking to people for just a little bit, and a member ran into her house (well, trailer) and came out with a box full of ribs and salmon and all types of food! So for lunch we went back to that same investigator and ate more steak and cooked up the ribs and just had a nice cook out! And then that night we had Navajo tacos- so they are taking care of us. No worries there, mom!

I was really blessed this week to get to talk a lot in Spanish. On Tuesday at the food bank we had a Spanish couple come to volunteer and help out. As I was talking to them, they said that they are just looking for anything that has to do with God. And, of course, we could help them out! So we went over a couple days later and they are just wonderful people; very, very nice people. I just love Hispanics. They are just so humble and open to the gospel! We had a great lesson and left them with un Libro de Mormon. I also asked him if he knew any sayings in Spanish and so he taught me a new one:  "El que nace en una mazeta, mazeta quedara." Or something like that. It basically means , “He that is born in a flower pot will stay in the flower pot!!” So those were the words or wisdom I learned this week.

And then on Friday I was able to speak a lot of Spanish as well. Right by the church a car had broken down and they were a Hispanic family and so we helped them out and then pushed their car to the church. It was awesome to speak Spanish to them and they said that we can send missionaries to their home! Service really brings blessings. And then later that day we had two Spanish lessons. It really makes me want to go back to a Spanish speaking area! I need to go back to one!

The work is still progressing here in Quartzsite. Many of the members we love are getting ready to move back north, so that will be a sad day with lots of goodbyes. But I have truly loved this area and the people here. I will never forget them!

That is all for this week! Should be another good week! Orale!

Elder Clark
Just enjoying Quartzsite! We were helping some people move and so we rode around on these chairs through the park!
Before the Wedding!

Awkward missionary stance. With the bride before the wedding!
A scene from a variety show at Gold Star.
Gold star is a trailer park - it's like a mini Utah. Lots of members right by the church. 
They have shows and jams all the time!

Going Fishin'

In a parade at one of the trailer parks. These people were coach potatoes!
Cactus in bloom.

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