Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Rocks and Rocks and More Rocks!

December 15, 2014

Well my life has definitely changed drastically recently. My new area Quartzsite is quite the place to be...if you are over 70. That’s the catch! There are only old people here, but they are all super nice. It’s a small town feel with lots of people living in it. Everyone is in RV or Trailer Parks and so that is different for sure. And you know you have been here too long when you start saying, "Oh wow that’s a nice trailer!” But honestly, there are some really nice ones and others, well, not so nice. And then there are some that are just down right creative and others that have like three or so put together! It’s always an adventure. 

The ward is awesome here. It fluctuates from 15 people in the summer to hundreds in the winter. Right now we probably have around 300 people - And they are all old!! We have no primary, young women’s or young men’s. It is just 15 old men passing the sacrament and we get to bless. Everyone is so friendly and I am sure we have to best members in the entire mission because they have all served missions and have been stake presidents and bishops and are all at the general authority level. They all love missionary work so it is really awesome. I get to teach a gospel principles class in Spanish every Sunday and that is really awesome. Basically, people who served their missions years ago in Spanish speaking countries come to my class and so it’s interesting. But it’s a great way to practice my Spanish speaking skills. This week our lesson was on agency and I took all of their agency away and gave them assigned seats. And so when I walked in and made them change seats they all complained that they were too old to stand up!! haha They were all saying it in a friendly manner, but they really did mean it! 

The missionary work here is slow. There are a lot of old people that are very set in their ways and the ones that you do get to teach are sometimes too sick to come to church. That can make things hard at times. We do a lot of service for people. i.e: setting up Christmas lights and moving things. We also do a lot of service in the community which is really good and I know they really appreciate the church. 

Quartzsite has a lot to offer when it comes to rocks and junk. All around town there are vendors who are selling just the most random stuff. Some people sell crafts, fossils, rocks and even rusted pieces of metal. It is just amazing the amount of stuff people have. And that is basically what people do day to day. Also, a lot of the old guys are prospectors and go out looking for gold. I guess they don’t find much, but it keeps them busy.

We live in a small trailer that is actually pretty sweet. We have been fighting off ants recently so that has been fun. We get tons of food from members. They are so nice. Man, I am going to get fat here! Hopefully, I can work out enough to burn it off!

I hope you all have a Merry, Merry Christmas and don’t worry about me - I have 100 new grandmas!

Elder Clark
Old Area Pictures: 
My New Bike!

Last pday in Warm Springs with the Zone and my District.


New Area Pictures:
The Casa!

Q Mountain! This is just a classic picture of Quartzsite.
Quartzsite at Night



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